Water and Climate Coalition at the 2013 Climate Change Conference in Bonn, June 3-14

The Coalition is taking part in the UNFCCC meetings in Bonn this June, organising a side event to explore possible modalities and structure for the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP). The event will take place on the 4th of June, 18.30- 20.00 at Room Metro, Ministry of Transport (MoT), Bonn. For more information see the agenda

Organizers: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), The Alliance for Water Adaptation (AGWA), Water and Climate Coalition (WCC), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE),  Conservation International (CI), the Netherlands and Switzerland. 


Water and Climate Coalition publishes article in Outreach, issue no 1 for COP18

“Making water perspectives part of climate frameworks”. Read it here.

COP 18 in Doha

The Water and Climate Coalition is present at the COP 18, which takes place 26 November – 7 December in Doha, Qatar. The Coalition will engage in dialogue and provide input on water related matters to different parts of the UNFCCC process. Read the Water and Climate Coalition Positions for COP18. Also, all are welcome to our seminar on December 3, and our press conference on December 4.  Read More...

Water in Rio+20: Interview with Felix Dodds

Interview series on Water in Rio+20 by UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication

Q) UNW-DPAC: What are your expectations for water in Rio? What would you like to see, what do you expect to take out of Rio?

A) Felix Dodds: Rio is already a success it has redefined the MDG agenda to an SDG agenda which would not have happened without Rio. It will have 130 heads of state attending and so will ensure that sustainable development becomes part of their immediate policy horizons what is done with this is up to those who return and keep the pressure on.

Positions for the climate negotiations in Bonn, May 14-25 2012

The Water and Climate Coalition has prepared a positions document for the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn in May 2012. The main points are:Water-and-Climate-Coalition-Key-Asks-Bonn-2012-1

  • There needs to be a consolidated approach to address the pivotal role of water in UNFCCC programmes and mechanisms.
  • Water management knowledge should guide the work of the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee.
  • The Coalition welcomes the opportunity to illuminate water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies at the technical workshop in Mexico City July 23-25.
  • A thematic action initiative on water resources should be developed under the Nairobi Work Programme.
  • Water should be highlighted as cost effective and equitable aspect in national damage, disaster and risk (DRR) strategies.
  • Water should be specifically addressed in the informative systems on safeguards and national REDD+ plans.

Read the full positions here.

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