The Water and Climate Coalition Secretariat is jointly hosted by Stakeholder Forum and Stockholm International Water Institute. Together Stakeholder Forum and SIWI are responsible for the following:

  • Managing the relationships with members

  • Developing policy documents and statements through consultation with members

  • Maintaining the Water and Climate Coalition website

  • Organising events, seminars and workshops on water alongside the climate change negotiations

  • Following the climate change negotiations and communicating the status of the negotiations to members, drafting responses to negotiating texts

  • Co-ordinating and facilitating meetings between coalition members and country/regional delegations at the climate change negotiations

  • Providing analysis of the climate change negotiations as they relate to water

  • Supporting members in understanding the climate change negotiations and the UNFCCC


The WCC Secretariat consists of the following staff members:

Karin Lexen, WCC Executive Manager, Project Director, Stockholm International Water Institute

Felix Dodds, WCC Strategic Manager, Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum

Kirsty Scheeberger, WCC Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Stakeholder Forum

Katarina Veem, Programme Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute

Lovisa Selander, Communications Officer, Stockholm International Water Institute

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