The Water and Climate Coalition seeks to achieve its vision by bringing together stakeholders from across the global water and climate community to promote progressive and integrated water and climate change policy on an international level. It does this through advocacy on water and climate on a global level, working with members to develop policy recommendations, statements and interventions as well as co-ordinating events, seminars and workshops.

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The GPPN has worked actively to raise the profile of water issues at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

The GPPN was originally conceived as a process or mechanism to ensure maximum stakeholder involvement in the review of water and sanitation at the 16th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development in 2008. This review was designed to assess progress towards commitments made on water and sanitation at the 13th CSD in 2005.


Water and Climate – Bridging the Gap


The Water and Climate Coalition will engage actively with the process leading to the MDG+10 Summit in New York in September 2010. The MDG+10 review will comprise six plenary meetings and six interactive roundtables. Though many of the roundtables will focus on issues for which water is directly relevant (e.g. poverty, hunger, health, education), none of the Roundtables will have a specific focus on water issues. Furthermore, there currently appears to be little focus on the degree to which climate change stands to impact the ability to meet the MDGs on water and sanitation.

To address this gap in the MDG+10 Summit, the Water and Climate Coalition will work with members to deliver the following outputs:

To help stakeholders prepare for and engage in the intergovernmental policy arena relating to water, the Water and Climate Coalition produces a number of resources that provide an overview of the global policy environment and help users to navigate international commitments. Click on the links below

Bridging the Water and Climate Agendas

Throughout 2009 the GPPN worked actively to raise the profile of water in the climate change negotiations in the run-up to the 15th Conference of Parties (COP15) of the UNFCCC in Copenhagen in December 2009. You can find out more about our activities below:

An important aspect of raising the profile of water and climate issues and influencing the negotiations is organising events, seminars and workshops alongside the talks. The GPPN organised a range of events throughout 2009 in the run up to COP15, including:

One of the most important aspects of influencing international negotiations is being able to respond rapidly to any changes in the negotiating text. Below you can find all GPPN responses to each version of the adaptation negotiating text in the run-up to COP15. The GPPN analysed each version of the text thoroughly to identify how water could best be incorporated, explaining at each stage why a reference to water in particular sections was important.

In many cases the GPPN was successful in influencing the development of the text in relation to water, and country negotiators found the textual responses very useful to guide their own interventions. Adaptation was discussed by negotiators under the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long Term Cooperative Action under the Convention (AWG LCA).

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