Advocacy and Analysis

The Water and Climate Coalition advocacy strategy included the development of joint statements, the promotion of policy recommendations as well as issuing regular responses to the UNFCCC negotiating texts. The Coalition also conducted regular analysis of the negotiations as they proceeded towards COP16. Details of activities in this area are outlined below:

Discussion Paper on a Work Programme on Water under the UNFCCC

The Water and Climate Coalition proposed the establishment of a work programme on water and climate under the UNFCCC. It produced a comprehensive Discussion Paper outlining the possible scope and functions of such a programme. To read the paper please click here.

Key Stats and Facts on Water and Climate Change

As part of its activities at COP16 the Coalition published a new document highlighting important stats and facts relating to climate change impacts on water resources. Download it here.

'Key Asks' for COP16, November-December 2010

The Coalition produced a new 'Key Asks' document, highlighting the changes and outcomes it was hoping for at the COP16 negotiations in Cancun. To download it please click here.

'Key Asks' for Climate Change talks in Tianjin, China, October 2010

As part of its activities at the Climate Change negotiations in Tianjin, China, October 2010, the Coalition produced a set of 'Key Asks'. This document summarises some of the coalition's key advocacy messages and is available to download here.

Revised roadmap for Tianjin

A revised version of the Coalition's Water and Climate Roadmap was also produced and is available here.

Roadmap towards COP-16, August 2010

As part of its activities at the August 2010 climate change negotiations in Bonn, the Water and Climate Coalition produced a Water and Climate Roadmap. The roadmap advocates for a work programme on water under the UNFCCC

To download the roadmap please click here

Statement on Water and Climate Towards COP16, June 2010

The Water and Climate Coalition issued a statement on behalf of all its members for the climate change negotiations in Bonn in June 2010. The statement makes the case for the importance of water in relation to climate change adaptation, mitigation and finance. To read the statement click here

Proposals for the text on ‘Enhanced Action on Adaptation’, June 2010

The Water and Climate Coalition analysed the current ‘Text to facilitate Negotiations’ which was discussed under the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperative Action (AWG LCA) and produced a number of textual proposals for the section on ‘Enhanced Action on Adaptation’. The proposals helped to strengthen the focus on water resources management and related issues in the text. To download the proposals click here


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